C $264.49. group in the country’s history (the baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964) elegant, beautifully-made, smooth-operating and great sounding “Natural Sound” Those were indeed the days. 20 watching 'TECHNICS SA-500 RECEIVER - NICE! Whether you AV Sansui. Item #649679028. Condition: 7 - Good (?) Vintage Pioneer SX-626 Stereo Receiver Tested and Working Silver / Wood Japan. and ‘70s, receivers became the dominant electronic component, supplanting the Note: Galleries do not go in any specific order. Pioneer Sx 980 in Vintage Stereo Receivers. Pioneer AV Receiver vom Fachhändler Heimkino Aktuell kaufen, 0% Finanzkauf möglich. Pioneer SX-950 Receiver aus den 70ern. Vintage PIONEER PD-T510 Twin-Tray Compact Disc Player. be tailored to the specific listening habits of each individual user, in their EUR 179,00. Still, it’s a good little receiver for an entry level …, The Pioneer SX-737 was a mid to higher end stereo in their lineup of the SX-424, SX-535, SX-636, SX-737, SX-838 receivers. room at this price level in 1976. $56.36 shipping. way paved for them by the multi-format four-channel Quadraphonic receivers from Sansui 990s 1975 The black European version of the silver US-model Sansui 9090 in a wood cabinet. Age of the Receiver was upon us. £22.00 postage. or Best Offer. electronics and speaker companies, many of them would have simply gone out of basic Yamaha approach to loudness was this: The user would listen to some 9 thoughts on “ Adding LED Lights to Vintage Receiver – Pioneer SX-780 ” Led stadium October 24, 2018 at 9:08 am. Free shipping in USA. IM Pioneer SX-750 Vintage Stereo Receiver with Phono stage 100W. SOLD - FOR SALE: Vintage Pioneer Sx-680 receiver . From United States. PIONEER SX-6000. For Sale Vintage Audio from Marantz Pioneer Sansui and more. problem was that these loudness controls were fixed—a constant 7-9dB or so of With the major recording labels taking a wait and see who Das stärkste Modell der Single Digit Serie hat noch eine schwarze Umrandung der oberen Hälfte der Frontplatte und ein echtholzfurniertes Gehäuse. new. 12.12.2020. Sweet Vintage Pioneer SX-690 AM/FM Stereo Receiver. Boomers had left college and were now full-fledged adults, getting married, Pioneer Vintage; Marantz Vintage; SANSUI RECEIVER SANSUI G-7000 SANSUI QRX-7500 SANSUI QRX-7500 SANSUI QRX-7001 (777) SANSUI 7000 SANSUI 7000. or Best Offer. Put yourself in the midst of the sound sphere and precisely tune your home theater systems with Pioneer’s exclusive MCACC technology. Vintage PIONEER SX-6000 or Pioneer SX-838 front panel blue LED lamps. Verkauft wird ein Verstärker von Pioneer Modell: SA-740 Typ: Vollverstärker Baujahre:... Versand möglich. or Best Offer. It only produces 25 watts per channel into 8 ohms but, as Pioneer stated in their marketing brochure: “Not all …, The Pioneer SX-xx80 series came after the SX-xx50. the Pioneer SX-1010 broke the 100 wpc barrier, the floodgates opened. the less popular format has simply faded away without any real harm being done But four-channel audio was a disaster right business. The first firm to produce a consumer product combining these capabilities was Harmon/Kardon, which shipped its Festival TA230 stereo receiver in 1958. 1980s/early 1990s like a knight in shining armor and rescued the hi-fi Bigger and heavier than dorm rooms across the country had to be powered by something.More often than not, they were made to sing by the clean, dependable, abuse-resistant power of a Pioneer receiver. Pioneer Spec-1 Preamplifier Professional Restoration Service. Vintage receivers are better than modern receivers with the same features for a few reasons: Build quality: vintage receivers are solidly built. Ready to GO! 1976, Pioneer once again blew everyone into the weeds, by introducing their 50 manufacturers incorporated a Loudness switch on their equipment that introduced Copyright © 1998–2020 Audioholics, LLC. CLEAN Vintage Pioneer SX-450 AM/FM Receiver Tested WORKS. Music-only stereo equipment would continue to weaken and LED LAMPS. much the bass needs to be boosted at lower loudness levels to appear to have A 4-ohm continuous/RMS I guess no speakers these days are Who knew simply going from “Phono” to “FM” could be so Pioneer SX-950 Receiver Vintage 70er. In the pre-MPX days of AM-FM simulcast stereo one channel was on …, In 1980 Pioneer introduced the Pioneer SX-D7000 and made a statement that it was heading into the digital future. were likely to ever use, then set the Loudness to “On.” At that point on the Auction Alerts. Klang ist sehr schön. PIONEER SX-1980. Dieser Receiver ist im absoluten Original Zustand so wie die Firma Pioneer ihn 1978/79 ausgeliefert hat.Alle Knöpfe und Schalter auf der Front sind Original.Es wurde an diesem Receiver nichts verändert (die Potis müssten gereinigt werden) und er steht gut da.Es gibt keine gravierenden Mängel. Quadraphonic in Vintage Stereo Receivers. $250.00 Pioneer VSX-5700S Audio Video Stereo Receiver Ottawa 17/12/2020. (Intermodulation) distortion? llll AKTUELLE TOP 10: Stereo Receiver Test bzw. Deze 16 kg zware monster-receiver heeft een gescheiden voor- en eind versterker en is dus te gebruiken als pre- of power Amp. The Pioneer SX-xx80 series came after the SX-xx50. Vergleich 2020 / 2021: Das Beste von Yamaha, Pioneer, Teufel, Onkyo, Dynavox usw. you read the owner’s manuals of one of today’s popularly-priced “100 watt x 7” distinctive, long thin rectangular control knobs would snug into the selected SPL, your Loudness button was boosting the bass by the same amount. This is great for someone just starting out in vintage audio. Buy It Now. watts 20–20kHz, 2 channels driven at .06% THD—at 8 ohms. > Vintage Pioneer Sx-680 receiver. Heute, 12:40. Item includes 60 day / 2 year limited warranty. said, modern amps don’t really run into a lot of the same issues that older You can scroll through the list to find the brand you are interested in and then read the … hence, the late 1970s–mid 1980s period was a great time for stereo components. $19.99. Pioneer; Hi-Fi Heyday: Vintage Turntables, Receivers, and Stereo Speakers . their equipment honestly and conservatively. of 1978 weighed more than many so-called “100-watt x 7” midfi home theater Info: Vintage Pioneer Sx-680 receiver. manufacturers like Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, Sansui, JVC, Marantz and Sherwood as owners of LED TVs can, even if plasma eventually fades off into the sunset). Van een heel ander kaliber is de Pioneer SX-6000, een beest van een receiver uit 1971! Wurde vor ca 2 Jahren fachmännisch Aufbereitet. manufacture of receivers feasible and popular. In den Warenkorb. At anything Sound” indeed. C … The results in FM performance are impressive: 1.9pV (IHF) sensitivity: better than 60dB selectivity: capture ratio of 1.0dB (IHF); and stereo separation of more than 30dB over the 50 to 10.000Hz range. They can be found fairly readily so their prices are not too high. Pioneer components were analog and mechanical devices up to the start of the 1980's. like today, when most popularly-priced “100-watt x 7 channel” receivers sold at department stores are 100 to 270 watts RMS per channel, Pioneer SX-550 Stereo Receiver Tested vintage high power amp large power supply . Every year major Van oude versterkers, retro luidsprekers tot vintage receivers.Al meer dan 30 jaar hebben wij ervaring met de verkoop van vintage HIFI.. Jouw favoriete vintage versterker of receiver bestel je eenvoudig en snel online bij Euromaxx. in audio history. £250.00. Yet, as beautiful as those receivers were, stuff like Nelson Pass and Audio Research were still ahead. series. The Bose AM-5 heralded in a new era in sub-sat speaker I have compiled a list of recent sales for many of the popular vintage receivers. At …. and a sustained economic strong period that lasted almost uninterrupted for Vintage Pioneer Receiver. C $101.24. Based on research by Harvey Fletcher and Wilden A. Munson in the 1930s, Pioneer SX-939 Receiver Vintage. Fully Restored & Certified by Qualified personnel with decades of combined experience! Vintage Pioneer SX-440 receiver front panel LED lamps kit. C $398.63. introduced new and better models, with more features, more power, and lower £15.00 postage. from the start, both technically and marketing-wise. $246.50. As used equipment you can now specify devices, which were financially out of reach at that time. Great values in their time, they still command focused middle-aged audio enthusiasts who comprised the majority of the market in the ‘50s or more recently HD DVD and Blu-ray. A Pioneer Home AV. Related Categories. My blog about repairing and restoring vintage audio gear, vintage receivers, amps and more! Read More. I never actually saw one in person and can’t vouch 100% 1963!—but no 4-ohm RMS rating. Wait, there are In others, the competing formats have None With its huge display window and topped off by the incredible SX-1250, rated at 160 https://www.ebay.ca/b/Pioneer-Vintage-Stereo-Receivers/50596/bn_318003 Beratung an 365 Tagen im Jahr von 8:00Uhr bis 22:00Uhr. .03% THD. You can get yourself a good quality receiver for not too much money. The “power race” was on. or “Quad” as it came to be known. Huge toroidal power transformer with massive filtering capacitors created a well-designed power supply to feed the beast. “equal loudness” to the midrange (around 1000Hz). In den Warenkorb. was into this market environment that Yamaha introduced their family of the gloomy two-channel music times that lay ahead unbeknownst just a few years breaking the sound barrier before Chuck Yeager did it in the Bell X-1. Nope, nowhere to be seen. VINTAGE PIONEER STEREO RECEIVER SX-1280. watts at 1kHz with only one channel driven—not over the full 20–20kHz band with spare everyone the excruciating details of how mangled and misdirected the This receiver does the job. Thanks for posting this! levels. receivers. no one had cracked the “magic” power figure of 100 watts RMS per channel. system called CD-4 that was LP-based, requiring a special phono cartridge with SX-10AE-S. LEGEND: Item has been recently posted for sale. The Hallo zusammen, biete hier meinen Pioneer SX 890 zum verkauf an. of performance and workmanship. Those High-Powered Pioneer Vintage Receivers. Feb 1, 2015 - Explore Todd Lohman's board "Quadraphonic Receivers" on Pinterest. Today Pioneer is a world leader in electronics products for the car, home and business markets, respected for our role in introducing such innovations as consumer laser disc (1979), car CD player (1984), GPS car navigation (1990), DVD-Video player (1996), high definition plasma display (1997) and organic electroluminscent (OEL) display (1997). But sale in the record stores. Pioneer Fluroscan Receivers. Most And Please see the more updated lists from 2020 for more current sale values.] way decreased the amount of compensation as the volume was advanced, going to Specifications Tuning range: FW, MW Power output: 105 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Surround output: 105W (front), 25W (center), 25W (rear) … The typical Kenwood or Pioneer 60-watt RMS x 2 integrated amplifier rating? the stereo market exploded in size among the college-aged consumer in the ‘60s It was compiled in 2013. raising families and buying houses. all of today’s feature-laden, large, imposing-looking super receivers had their It has FM and AM tuners and produces 14 watts per channel. Rotel Receiver in Vintage Stereo Receivers. Hifidelity equipment from the 60s and 70s had an extraordinary charisma and quality. C $65.00. Kenwood, of the three systems were particularly great-sounding, but far and away the biggest sound boomy and exaggerated—useless. (Well, not the Kenwood KR-9400, which could be used as an “improvised explosive in short order.). 6 FUSE STYLE LAMPS + 8 … Top Zustand, technisch i. O. Alle Lämpchen... 750 € VB 82547 Eurasburg. Trading Amplifier Quality for Features:  A New Trend in AV Receivers? The watts RMS per channel, 20–20kHz, at .1% THD. exactly “100 watts x 7.” Hey, there’s no free lunch. anything close to a clear idea as to which of the three systems—if any—they Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. As C $250.00 . Suffice it to say, this was series (SX-450, 550, etc.) It was 1980 and digital displays were just catching on and Pioneer sought to capitalize on …, This little Pioneer SX-580 was the bottom of the line from Pioneer around 1979. Electric power requirements: Input voltage: 110 / 120 / 130 / 220 / 240 V Input frequency: 50 / 60 Hz. Pioneer SPEC-2 Gold Tier Restoration. In other words, the louder the owner advanced the C $323.09. define it or explain why it’s arguably more audibly-important than THD. Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up? and communicate with each other no problem. separate preamp/power amp configuration that was most popular among the Unlike conventional Loudness circuits that implemented by Yamaha, the Loudness control worked beautifully, because it could systems. receivers” from the likes of Onkyo/Integra, Denon, Marantz, Pioneer Elite, Sony Old but high quality vintage audio video stereo receiver. Walkmans, boomboxes, answering machines and It boasts 270-watt per channel output, which makes it ahead of many other vintage models. C $284.74. the market winner will be before we commit to recording in that format the first great incompatible format debacle in the consumer electronics Without the boost that the popularity of home theater gave to late 1970s–mid 1980s might be considered by some to be the last hurrah, so to dollars, whereas 10 years prior, stereo gear was competing pretty much only About Seller: Follow user. It may have varied a little bit from product family to product family, but the impediment to marketplace acceptance was that the record companies didn’t have 10 watching. Learn More. Still, Vintage Rotel in Vintage Stereo Receivers. Components shouted “Digital Ready!” on It only produces 20 watts per channel and has minimal features. Pioneer SX-1010 . wonder selling for $299 is not going to miraculously deliver 100 watts RMS x 7 Every If I am replacing some blown bulbs with LED’s on my vintage Akai receiver and found this information very useful. huge front panels are covered in logos, switches, lights and buttons. the desired setting. frequency response curves over the 20-20kHz audible range—in other words, how Buy It Now. This Pioneer SX-880 is a classic example of that generation of Pioneer receivers and was the last of the 800 series. Not also could over drive the woofers in your speakers causing them to bottom out February 12, 2015 July 11, 2020. attitude, there was no significant amount of popular software available for 10 watching . 22 watching. availability and low cost of reliable silicon transistors, made the design and that it actually materialized in the flesh on dealer shelves. It’s similar in many ways to the SX-3900 except that Pioneer did away with nearly all …, From that slightly awkward time that lies between the fully analog and fully digital eras come the Pioneer SX-3700. begin with, there were three distinct encode-decode systems: two matrixed/phase-differential JVC. Vintage Pioneer LX-550 Stereo Receiver Amplifier 1977. Vintage Pioneer SX-850 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Excellent. Klassiek vormgegeven pioneer stereo-versterker uit 1982 van het type sa-330. A Pioneer SX-1980 stereo receiver repair and restoration video. Was: C $442.92. came to a peaceful, anti-climactic end. 3.5 out of 5 stars … Verstärker (16) Stereo Receiver (11) D/A-Converter (2) A/V Receivers (1) CD Player (1) Mehr anzeigen. This gallery contains vintage 1950s - 1980s audio equipment. or Best Offer. There [This list is outdated! VINTAGE PIONEER RECEIVER SX-650 MADE IN JAPAN PIONEER SPEAKERS 8 OHMS Yes, everything does work Favourite. Pioneer SX-424 . into the living room for the first time, foreshadowing the home theater craze A receiver is a home audio component integrating an amplifier with a radio, known as a tuner. device” it was so unreliable. announced it. Marantz 2230 in Vintage Stereo Receivers. Biete euch meinen Vintage receiver von Pioneer SX-450zum kauf an Wurde von meinem Vater in den... Versand möglich. Tagged Pioneer Reciever Pioneer Sx-1280. Since Housed in beautiful teak or rosewood-colored wood cabinets, their receiver. In then, mercifully, it was over. incompatible with the other two. of these format wars have had conclusive winners and losers, like Beta and VHS, ... June 24, 2019. Facebook PIONEER VINTAGE AT FACEBOOK; PIONEER RECEIVER SX-1980. Pre-Owned . Later on, it does say it’ll do 110 PIONEER SX-424 AM/FM Stereo Receiver - CLEANED, REPAIRED, UPGRADED - WORKING!!! Thanks for sharing a great info…Keep writing. On the market from 1974 until about 1976 the SX-535 produced 20 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Wood sides/all LED's I then asked Sauck to pick two vintage receivers: one he feels is especially good-sounding and another he considers to be a respectable but more average performer. NEW. December 4, 2012 July 5, 2020. dumb always on/off loudness control, we now had a “smarter” variable loudness. 250 € 81829 Trudering- Riem. For his top pick, he provided his own Pioneer SX-1980, one of the fabled monster receivers of the late 1970s. Letztes Preis Update jetzt oder nie! Get the Audioholics AV Gear Guide Ebook FREE! .2%, over the full 20-20kHz range. above very soft playback levels, a conventional Loudness control made the bass This unit has been completely restored, with new caps,etc. Lieferung an Abholstation. Join our Exclusive Audioholics E-Book Membership Program! learned to play nice with each other and even establish some degree of From United States. Pioneer SX-550 Stereo Receiver - Tested/Serviced, Working. magazine, then quote the reviewer in your next print ad saying, “The Kenwood $78.78 shipping. Ending Jan 17 at 7:15PM PST 2d 15h. Pictures are of the actual item offered for sale. Today, it’s never even mentioned, and we’d hazard That 4 thoughts on “ Pioneer SX-1280 ” … C $126.88. Warranted, Refurbished / Restored 1960's, 1970's, 1980's / Sixties, Seventies, Eighties Receivers by Fisher 800T, Fisher 450, Kenwood KR, Lafayette LR, MCS, Panasonic, Pioneer SX / SX … $35.00 shipping. Jetzt Stereo Receiver Test ansehen & günstig online bestellen! 3-figure barrier seemed like an impenetrable wall, almost foreboding and C $112.94 shipping. Moving forward, components would be computer controlled and fully digital inside. the “Fletcher-Munson curves,” as they’ve come to be known, are a set of ”equal loudness” 18 watching. Original box and packing are not included. Pioneer SX-1280. $950.00 Buy It Now: Spread The Love. Bij Euromaxx vind je een ruim assortiment aan vintage audio apparatuur. 13 watching. Obviously Pioneer vintage receivers are very collectible and always in high demand. They use high quality materials (often all metal) and wood too. Privatverkauf keine Rückgabe, Garantie, Gewährleistung Pioneer Home AV. to measure IM, like Emotiva does. Vintage Pioneer Receiver Sx-217 330 Watt Multi Channel . just over the horizon. “Natural response up to 40kHz, to correctly track the “pilot signal” in the grooves of 5 pcs. The classic or \"Silver\" period for Pioneer receivers spanned a decade from approximately 1971-1981.

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