: With Leonardo DiCaprio, David Thewlis, Romane Bohringer, Dominique Blanc. But Agnieszka Holland's "Total Eclipse," a pretentious, flat affair, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Rimbaud and David Thewlis as Verlaine, is not the film to pull it off. Official Sites Verlaine and Rimbaud were appalling, violent, disorderly, and to call them extreme Bohemians doesn't go far enough: they were both quite mad as well. What? In 1871, Paul Verlaine (1844-1896), an established poet, invites boy genius Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891) to live with Paul and his young pregnant wife, Mathiltde, in her father's home in Paris. Leonardo Dicaprio. If we find these people disturbing, it is because they were. arthur rimbaud. But Rimbaud's brilliance may be beyond DiCaprio -- or anybody. Photograph: United Archives GmbH/Alamy Dalya Alberge gilbert grape. . I understand. added by sherlocked88. added by sherlocked88. Author. : Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? He invites Rimbaud to come and stay with them ("We are all impatiently awaiting you!") (Exceptions are those with no fire in their temperament at all: Eliot, Perse, Valery, or those who have become spiritual beings while still on earth, such as Rilke.) Codas dramatize the poets' final meeting and last illnesses. Jim Carroll: the American Arthur Rimbaud Leonardo DiCaprio played punk rock poet in 1995 film The Basketball Diaries. : Was this review helpful to you? Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and David Thewlis, Total Eclipse chronicles the trials and tribulations of their self-destructive homosexual love affair and the great work that came out of it. I have no intention of taking a job. Other Products. Young, wild poet Arthur Rimbaud and his mentor Paul Verlaine engage in a fierce, forbidden romance while feeling the effects of a hellish artistic lifestyle. Total Eclipse The lack of the poetry stops people who do not already know it from appreciating the point of all this carrying-on. : Arthur Rimbaud Use the HTML below. Total Eclipse (1995) Leonardo DiCaprio as Arthur Rimbaud. 12 of 14 people found this review helpful. This film tells of the real-life taboo-shattering love affair between two 19th-century French poets: Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis) and Arthur Rimbaud (Leonardo DiCaprio). You hold it all together. But then, that is what he does. Christopher Hampton's screenplay is intelligent and thoughtful and well-crafted throughout. We simply split up and move on. Excited and intrigued, he sets out to find it. Rimbaud was very young when he began writing poetry and wrote his entire works over a five-year span. Total Eclipse. DiCaprio is Arthur Rimbaud - Total Eclipse Essential T-Shirt ... leonardo dicaprio. [He moves toward his mentor and kisses him. Based on letters and poems, it presents a historically accurate account of the passionate and violent relationship between 19th-century French poets Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis) and Arthur Rimbaud (Leonardo DiCaprio), at a time of soaring creativity for both men. : : A teenager finds his dreams of becoming a basketball star threatened after he free falls into the harrowing world of drug addiction. In her new film "Total Eclipse," Agnieszka Holland ("Europa, Europa") casts Leonardo DiCaprio as Arthur Rimbaud, the 19th century French symbolist poet and … Paul Verlaine Arthur Rimbaud Yes... Arthur Rimbaud Other Products. Paul and Arthur. Arthur Rimbaud And when we've taken as much as we can from each other... Arthur Rimbaud The film is a fictionalised biography following French poet Arthur Rimbaud (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his tutor and romantic interest Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis). : The fortunes of a husband and wife differ drastically after they divorce. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the prodigious 19th-century French poet Arthur Rimbaud in this captivating historical drama. Check out what we'll be watching in 2021. Love has to be reinvented. I help you by supporting you... Paul Verlaine Filming & Production Paul and Arthur. | How the French must have resented its being made in English! Leonardo DiCaprio is an award-winning actor and a three-time Academy Award® nominee. verlaine. Romane Bohringer was an excellent choice for Verlaine's wife, and plays it just right. : : Arthur Rimbaud Links. The story about the relationship between a rebellious 1950s teenager and his abusive stepfather, based on the memoirs of writer and literature Professor Tobias Wolff. And how would we live? : A group of Los Angeles teenagers meet every week at their local diner to discuss their latest misadventures in their miserable lives. rimbaud verlaine. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Rimbaud (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a teenage wunderkind known for his rebelliousness against conventional society and … gifs. Stewed in absinthe and resentment, Verlaine abuses Mathiltde; he and Rimbaud become lovers and abandon her. Vicenarian Richard travels to Thailand and finds himself in possession of a strange map. She is interested in art, not commerce, and congratulations to her for that! roméo juliette. That makes him unable to … With: Arthur Rimbaud - Leonardo DiCaprio
Paul Verlaine - David Thewlis
Mathilde Verlaine - Romane Bohringer
Isabelle Rimbaud - Domonique Blane
Music By: Most Popular You don't care about my happiness, do you? We should make a bargain. Directed by Agnieszka Holland. Let the 98 wounds of our savior burst and bleed. Viewers have never seen him in a superhero film, rom-com or a billion-dollar franchise, and that David Thewlis, left, as Paul Verlaine and Leonardo DiCaprio as Arthur Rimbaud in Agnieszka Holland’s 1995 film Total Eclipse. In 1871, Paul Verlaine (1844-1896), an established poet, invites boy genius Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891) to live with Paul and his young pregnant wife, Mathiltde, in her father's home in Paris. [to Verlaine]  The IMDb editors are anxiously awaiting these delayed 2020 movies. Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Brussels, Belgium. In retrospect, this romantic drama about the doomed relationship between poets Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis) and Arthur Rimbaud (DiCaprio) … Rimbaud's uncouth behavior disrupts the household as well as the insular society of French poets, but Verlaine finds the youth invigorating. the beach. No, neither should you. Verlaine looks at him in shock, but the young teenage poet only smiles. After seventeen years, a fiercely independent woman and her rebellious son return home and together they turn the family she left behind upside down. paul. Feb 15, 2013 - Priez pour lui. poison ivy. Una película dirigida por Agnieszka Holland con Leonardo DiCaprio, David Thewlis, Romane Bohringer, Dominique Blanc. This film has not been made for the wrong reasons, with fictional characters, but is a true story. My work is going far too well - I can't afford to waste time earning money. marvins room. If we go away together, I'm sure you'll be able to start doing good work again. added by sherlocked88. … It's the sun mingled with the sea. | added by sherlocked88. (1995). But without this bizarre tale, twentieth century poetry would not have come into existence, because it was created by Arthur Rimbaud, and without Verlaine taking him under his wing it would never have happened. the basketball diaries. Then put your hand on the table. simple secrets. Arthur Rimbaud Well, you have some money, don't you? Rated R for strong sexuality and nudity, language, and some startling violence, Brat TV’s ‘Attaway General’ Renewed for Season 2, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Johnny Orlando, Brat TV Winter Slate Includes New Series ‘Sunnyside Up’ Starring ‘Dance Moms’ Alum Nia Sioux, At the Movies: The American President/Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls/Kicking and Screaming/Carrington/Total Eclipse. It's 1871 and Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis), an established poet, invites the young and brilliant Arthur Rimbaud (Leonardo DiCaprio) to live with him and his young pregnant wife, Mathiltde, in her father's home in Paris. Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis), an older and more traditional writer, finds himself infatuated with the young Rimbaud. Arthur Rimbaud 11/03/1995. This is a worthy and successful attempt to make a film about the famous literary and personal relationship between two great poets, Paul Verlaine and the young Arthur Rimbaud. added by sherlocked88. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. David Thewlis was equally convincing as Verlaine, despite being rather too thin for the part (Verlaine was stockier and plumper, and Thewlis looks like he hasn't had a decent meal for ten years). whats eating gilbert grape. Arthur Rimbaud With one of his earliest roles as Arnie Grape in "What’s Eating Gilbert Grape" (1993), DiCaprio began … View production, box office, & company info. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The poets are Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, and the fate that they, or their remains—or if you are a romantic, as they were, ... starring Leonardo DiCaprio and … Director Agnieszka Holland (OLIVIER, OLIVIER, WASHINGTON SQUARE) presents this probing period piece that examines the nihilistic relationship between bad-boy French poet Arthur Rimbaud (Leonardo DiCaprio) and writer Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis). (But why did the French themselves never film this story, which is so fundamental to the mythology of their literature?) See more ideas about Arthur, Leonardo dicaprio 90s, Young leonardo dicaprio. Arthur Rimbaud Leonardo DiCaprio has always been agile with his roles. Paul leans to him and they kiss passionately]. Warner Bros. has included the film in the catalogue of Warner Archive Collection. You help me... and I'll help you. simple secrets. It is often said that there is a fine line between genius and madness, but with poets, the situation is even more dire: to be a divinely inspired poet it seems that it is almost a requirement that you first lose your mind. Arthur Rimbaud After Rimbaud sends Verlaine a series of poems, Verlaine summons him to Paris. Total Eclipse is a 1995 erotic historic drama film directed by Agnieszka Holland, based on a 1967 play by Christopher Hampton, who also wrote the screenplay. Leonardo DiCaprio (J. Edgar, Inception) and David Thewlis (The Island of Dr. Moreau) offer a tour-de-force lesson in the seductive strength of art and the destructive power of genius. But then, many poets are, and often the finest poetry comes from the ones who are the craziest (David Gascoyne, whom I knew well, is an example, and Ezra Pound whom I knew less well was not what you could call well-balanced). Rimbaud's wild and eccentric behavior disrupts the household and scandalises Verlaine's pretentious, bourgois in-laws. Technical Specs, [Smiles, puts his hand to Verlaine's face and strokes it]. It is also not a film for 'homophobes', and if you don't want to see Leonard Di Caprio kissing a man on the mouth, look away now. But he was a great and soaring poet, and of course Rimbaud shattered all the moulds and basically founded modern poetry, and had the status of a god to the Surrealists. | You help me... and I'll help you. There is no use viewers and reviewers complaining that the characters are disgusting: everybody knows they were, and they would have been the first to admit it. Arthur Rimbaud. Summary: Young, wild poet Arthur Rimbaud (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his mentor Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis) engage in a fierce, forbidden romance while feeling the effects of a hellish artistic lifestyle. Is that it? Very few decent translations of Verlaine into English exist, because he used rhyme so much. : Rimbaud's uncouth behavior disrupts the household as well as the insular society of French poets, but Verlaine finds the youth invigorating. Paul Verlaine : I've found it. So as not to break up the band, he decides to shoot his own foot. david thewlis. The lead singer of a band gets drafted for war in Vietnam. : Original Release. Paul Verlaine : Arthur Rimbaud. david thewlis. Paul Verlaine And you help me by renewing my rusty, old inspiration. There are reconciliations and partings with Mathiltde and partings and reconciliations with Rimbaud, until an 1873 incident with a pistol sends one of them to prison. The young Leonardo Di Caprio, aged 20, was a scintillating, wild, and wholly convincing Rimbaud.

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