Step 4: Locate the air conditioning compressor. 10 to 15 bar (sufficient for leak testing purposes), and close the valve. I will definitely be using his service again. Condenser and evaporator matrix tube ends. Allow the system to continue running and check the temperature of the air coming out of the dash vents making sure it is cold. Electronic leak detectors can be particularly useful in finding very small leaks. Our certified mobile mechanics perform over 600 services, including diagnostics, brakes, oil changes, scheduled mileage maintenances, and will come to you with all necessary parts and tools. It is designed specifically for the HVAC industry, for nitrogen purging AC line sets prior to brazing and leak checking AC line sets after brazing. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Car AC Repair. DO NOT exceed the recommended pressures (use a pressure regulator). Disconnect the gauge set from the low side port. Pass the probe under the suspected leak area starting at the highest point in the circuit (refrigerant gas is heavier than air). No air comes out of the dash vents. You can pressurize to well over 100PSI so that the R22 will be forced out of any leak present. Refer to the vehicle chapter for model specific data (where available). of R22, then pressurize with dry nitrogen. google_ad_width=120; If an air conditioning system requires frequent charging, a leak test should be carried out. Reason 1: Voltage. Though every air conditioning system will vary, you want to see the high side pressure around 20 psi and the low side around 40 psi. Made with ♥ in Silicon Valley. Connect a manifold gauge set to the low and high pressure service connectors. Step 2: Install the gauges. Reason 2: High temperature. Different types of detectors are available for air conditioning, and most leak detectors can be used for both R12 and R134a. google_color_border="1B1B1B"; Step 5: Turn on the AC. NOTE:  A leakage rate of between 50 and 100g of refrigerant per annum is normal. This can be purchased over the counter at most auto parts stores. When the restriction thaws, the pressure increases and the cycling switch reconnects the compressor circuit. Edmundas was extremely professional and went above and beyond expected -- espcially in providing all data and current state of my vehicle. Nitrogen Flushing of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems . It consists of the following components: Component 1: Compressor. Install the charging kit to the low side connection on the AC system. If the source of the refrigerant leak cannot be found through visual inspection, there are various other methods available. Step 6: Turn the fan to Medium. Your Your engine runs on combustion – fire – which creates exhaust gases. Question: What Is The Importance Of The Drive Belt In An AC System?When Nitrogen Testing Can You Add The Nitrogen To The System Even With Refrigerant Still In It? YourMechanic All rights reserved. Nitrogen is used for testing, usually, after the system has been opened and a leak has been repaired. This restriction results in a decrease in pressure at the evaporator outlet and the low pressure refrigerant (cycling) switch breaks the compressor circuit. The leak gets identified, thus. Reason 2: Pressure switch. Below is the standard procedure for the proper flushing of air-conditioning and refrigeration system with the use of dry nitrogen, and refrigeration equipment which require flushing of the system after exposing it to the atmosphere or during replacement of the … no pressure, then a high pressure test using oxygen free nitrogen is carried out. Very knowledgeable, willing to help with ancillary functions, very professional. A failing AC low pressure hose may cause a lack of cold air from the AC system. google_color_link="000000"; High quality A/C compressors are new and easy to install. Would call him again and recommend. MaxxiLine Nitrogen E941 Food Grade for Wine Dispensing and for Preservation systems. It sounds like the system is working properly. Told me what was wrong with my AC Clutch. More up to date systems are computer controlled and use numerous other inputs including vehicle interior and exterior temperature to determine whether or not to turn the compressor on. Connect the cylinder of OFN to a service connector, component or line, using a suitable adapter. Voltage is not sent to the clutch when the air conditioning is turned on due to an open circuit in the electrical circuit. LEAK DETECTION USING A NITROGEN SET In addition to its function for drying the system, this tool can also be used for leak tests. July 22, 2017 July 22, 2017. A simple but effective initial test is to check the temperature of the refrigerant system components and lines by touching them while the system is operating. Check for bubbles which would indicate a leak. Further, nitrogen gas is inert and has the capability to absorb moisture to a certain extent. The purpose of the compressor is to pressurize the air conditioning system and circulate the refrigerant. Step 2: Disconnect low side gauge. The purpose of the system is to remove hot air from the inside of your vehicle. Step 5: Observe. Your car's air conditioning system works just like a refrigerator or your home air conditioning. Read the parts below to understand the different conditions that you may see: When performing your initial check, if air does not come from the center dash vents or if the air is coming from the wrong vents (such as the floor or windshield vents) then you have a problem with the interior climate control system. Automotive A/C Nitrogen Leak Detector Kit Easily pre-check systems for leaks due to loose mechanical connections, hose leaks, evaporators and condensers without using refrigerant and venting into the atmosphere. It may therefore be necessary to ventilate an area to be leak tested. With the engine at operating temperature and the air conditioning system switched ON, the touch test should reveal the following: Confirm this by carrying out a pressure test. When nitrogen testing can you add the nitrogen to the system even with refrigerant still in it? This is my video using a OFN Oxygen Free Nitrogen loss gauge. DO NOT operate the air conditioning system with oxygen free nitrogen (OFN) in the refrigerant circuit. If the reading is zero you have a major leak. There is never a good time for your air conditioning in your car to stop working, but it typically seems to happen in the dead heat of summer. R22 is … Keep all articles of clothing tightly secured. Since it is lightest inert gas available and hence can detect even smaller leaks than Nitrogen can, but using … Turn on the engine and the air conditioning. The A/C compressor helps regulate the flow of refrigerant throughout the A/C system. It may be necessary therefore to shelter the suspected leak area in order to prevent any draft blowing the refrigerant gas away. Nitrogen Leak Test Kit Features: high-quality 1 … Helium is best option for testing leaks. Having some knowledge about how the air conditioning works in your vehicle can help you get the system functioning again. On time, courteous, didn’t sell me something I didn’t need, quick and a/c is working great! Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. Then, nitrogen with a little refrigerant is introduced after the leak is fixed to test it with your leak detector. When pressurised nitrogen charged into refrigerant circuitry leaks through a soap solution applied on the circuitry, forms bubbles due to chemical reaction with soap solution. A simple but effective initial test is to check the temperature of the refrigerant system components and lines by touching them while the system is operating. He explained his work in detail and, explained why he made the recommendations for the future. The evaporator is located inside the dash of the vehicle and is used to absorb heat from the interior of the car. It’s... Hey there. Component 4: Metering device. $302.78 $ 302. The expereience was great and I would recomend Edmundas to all of my associates. See the answer. For basic leak detection, for instance in the area of connections, a bottle of commercially available bubble dye solution can be used. Warning: Never add anything but the recommended refrigerant to the AC system. Turn the air conditioning on in the vehicle and see if that clutch that was previously stationary is now engaged. Step 2: Place the wheel chocks around the driver side rear tire. Dye Testing for a Freon Leak. If your AC system has either quit working or has stopped working well, you're faced with driving your vehicle around with the windows down - which brings little relief when it is hot outside. The highlighting effect produced by exposure to the light of an ultraviolet lamp makes it easy to locate refrigerant system leaks. google_ad_height=600; R134a automotive system standing pressure test may take up to 10-30mins. with over 38 years in car and air conditioning training sales and support View all posts by charliedemotec Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Release the OFN from the circuit before attempting any repairs. Warning: Always wear safety glasses when servicing any pressurized system. Nissan Altima - Car AC Repair - Winter Park, Florida. The oily residue soon picks up dust and dirt particles from the surrounding air and appears greasy. Using the supplied UV light and glasses you will inspect all of the components and hoses of the air conditioning system and look for any glowing material. Below are the most common causes of poor air conditioning performance and what can be done to get you comfortably back on the road. The condenser is located in the front of the radiator and is used to remove heat from the refrigerant. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 23. See if the temperature of the air coming from the main dash vents is cold. google_ad_host="pub-6693688277674466"; Warning: Do not check for pressure by pressing on the fitting to see if refrigerant comes out. The pressure-temperature relationship of other gasses will be different and may result in incorrect diagnosis. Check around all fittings to verify that they are all secure. The idle is not supposed to increase in speed when your compressor engages, rather the throttle plate should adjust at the same time the A/C engages to maintain the same RPM at idle. Testing 1) If the air conditioning system is still operational, recover the refrigerant. The emptied air-conditioning system is filled with nitrogen (maximum 12 bar). Whether or not this solution will work is dependent on the volume inside the AC system. NITROGEN AIR CON PRESSURE LEAK TEST - MASTERCOOL. If pressure is low, then there may be a leak: Using a UV A/C leak detection kit is the easiest way to find a leak. An air conditioning system pressure switch can disrupt the circuit if certain pressures are not met or if the switch is failing. Make sure that you do not overcharge the system as too much refrigerant is just as bad - if not worse - than too little. When a refrigerant leak is detected, the tester will emit an acoustic signal. Break the vacuum with nitrogen to that equivalent to atmospheric pressure (760,000 microns) then purge nitrogen through the system at 1-3 psig. Step 7: Check the air temperature. Shine the ultraviolet lamp around the suspected areas. $229.99. Save time, trouble and loses due to leaks from charging and recovering multiple times during leak detection and repair. Electronic leak testing can be difficult in drafty conditions. The rate of the cycle and the time that the compressor is operating is dependent on the pressure in the low pressure refrigerant line between the evaporator and the accumulator/drier. Nitrogen pressure test. If the surrounding air is contaminated with refrigerant gas, the leak tester will indicate gas all the time. If performing these steps did not achieve cold air from your vents or you are not comfortable with doing this work, you need to enlist the help of a certified mechanic who has the tools and the knowledge to test your air conditioning system. In systems using R12 refrigerant, leaks can appear as an oily residue at the leakage point. •"Heavy duty" nitrogen regulator •Nitrogen bottle 950 cc- 110 bar – TPED. If both the high and the low side are below these readings then you may need to add refrigerant. My back in the cold ✊, Ford Thunderbird - Car AC Repair - Winter Park, Florida. Start the engine and operate the air conditioning system. You need to determine if there is refrigerant in the system. Just fixed it today . The clutch is engaging but the air not cold. YourMechanic’s technicians bring the dealership to you by performing this job at your home or office 7-days a week between 7AM-9PM. LEARN MORE. Receiver/drier or accumulator/drier connections. Component 2: Condenser. Nitrogen has the following qualities: (a) inert, very dry and non-flammable; (b) does not go into solution with refrigeration oil to create non condensable pressure problems (i.e., after leak testing an HFC (R-134a) system using R-22 and nitrogen, there is typically zero percent non condensable (nitrogen or air), if evacuated afterwards). Universal Water Tank Leak Detector Kit, 18Pcs Cooling System Tester Radiator Sets Automotive Diagnostic & Test Tool Sets Water Tank Leak Detector Car Cooling System Tester Kit $64.99. Observe the gauge on the kit and begin adding the refrigerant whether it be with a button or a trigger on the kit. Here, an HVAC … To begin testing a component, a nitrogen tank or on-site nitrogen generator will be connected to the component. P2613 OBD-II Trouble Code: A/C Refrigerant Distribution Valve Control Circuit High, How to Troubleshoot a Small Engine Problem, Symptoms of a Bad or Failing AC Low Pressure Hose. The following chart shows the relationship between pressure and temperature for both R12 and R134a.