By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. To coerce someone into a sexual interaction who is incapable of giving full or proper consent. It is to your advantage to invest wisely. We took advantage of the downturn in real estate sales to get a good deal on a house. take advantage of something definition: to use an opportunity to achieve results, sometimes in an unfair way: . inside track An advantageous position granting one an edge over others; a favorable status; influence, or the power to secure favors. trans.) When a woman knows where she stands, and has the inside track, … the man has no show whatever. The exact origin of this 20th-century expression is unknown; it may come from the game of checkers in which one player jumps ‘takes possession of’ another player’s checkers—literally advancing one checker in front of another one—in order to win the game. b. to impose upon, esp. Another word for taken advantage of. The great advantage of home-grown fruit is its magnificent flavour. How to use take in a sentence. 2. to impose upon in a selfish way. deceiving. take advantage of (v. do not just take advantage of the latest computing technology, but also incorporate the experience of the historical profession in appropriating for undergraduate teaching two great prior technological innovations of the past 40 years or so--the paperback and the photocopier. Advantage, benefit, profit all mean something that is of use or value. "To take advantage" of someone is to have sexual contact which someone who is semi or wholly unconsious due to alcohol or drug intake. • The Franks took advantage of this by seizing some islands which the Saxons had held. This expression is derived from a card player’s foreknowledge of victory upon being dealt an exemplary hand. take advantage of. The expression’s principal use still usually concerns war and fighting, although not necessarily of a maritime nature. Definition of take advantage of in the dictionary. So expert is he with his faithful pistol that the most scientific of rogues have repeatedly attempted in vain to “get the drop” on him. يَكُون فِي مَرْكِز مُتَفَوّق بِالنِسْبَة لِ, essere in vantaggio su, avere un vantaggio su. 2 n-uncount Advantage is the state of being in a better position than others who are competing against you. This expression has been in use since 1926. steal a march on To gain an advantage over, to get the jump on, to be a step ahead of. It's unfair to take advanta subsidize. forskot (fyrsta stig sem unnið er eftir jafna stöðu), mata pertama yang diterima selepas seri(dalam sukan tenis), แต้มเทนนิสแรกที่ได้หลังจากทั้งสองฝ่ายได้ 40 เท่ากัน, Because of his experience he was in an advantageous position for promotion. (W. E. Auckland, Journal and Correspondence, 1788-98). • TAKE ADVANTAGE (verb) The verb TAKE ADVANTAGE has 2 senses: 1. draw advantages from. For example, Let's take advantage of the good weather and go hiking, or They really take advantage of her good nature, getting her to do all the disagreeable chores. This U.S. slang expression, dating at least from 1942, was popularized by baseball announcer “Red” Barber during his 1945-55 radio broadcasts of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball games. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. He took full advantage of all his business opportunities. That … Synonyms for 'take advantage of something': go towards, bring in, fall back on, draw on, pour into, base on, adopt, use, bring back, play with, apply Dictionary Collocations (See INSTANTANEOUSNESS.) 1 Exploit for one's own benefit. ‘It was more likely that they were simply taking advantage of, exploiting, if you will, mistakes that had been made by others and that had gone undetected.’. There are several advantages in being self-employed. This expression originally had to do with the stealthy movement of troops without the enemy’s knowledge. What does take advantage of mean? Meaning of take advantage of.

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