The shapes look more solid and don’t have the scallops of other Federal patterns. Colors: Clear, iridescent and later in the 1950s and 1970s fired on colors. Check the ribs as well as the rims for damage. The company’s Sunset Pink glass has a more consistent hue when compared to that made by other Depression-era glass firms. There is a band of three narrow ridges just below the pattern band on most pieces. Colors: Clear, pink with some Royal Ruby. Royal Lace plates have rims with sharply defined inner edges. From shop WheelDealAntiques. Identifying Depression Glass is best approached by learning the seven main glass companies that produced it and the patterns and colors produced. Some of the patterns consist of entire dinner sets. Old Cafe has two narrow panels between one wider panel. Colors: Amber, green and pink. It mostly came in accessory pieces, like the candy jar shown, plus you can collect a small lunch set. It has clear hobnails with milky white edges. You’ll want to watch for damage on the inner rims as they tend to get nicked. Opaque glass 4. Colors: Cobalt blue, some pink, green and clear. Depression glass was manufactured in various colors. Take some time to look at photos of green Depression glass to find the perfect pattern or shade for you. VTG PINK DEPRESSION GLASS PLATE CABBAGE/ROSE PATTERN 9 IN (SET OF 4) Hocking named this pattern to capitalize on the fascination Americans had with English royalty, especially during the depression. Dogwood is drop dead gorgeous. Indiana Glass gave this pattern the exciting name of Number 612 but a much better name is Horseshoe. Doric and Pansy is a little busier than Doric since the squares that are plain in Doric are filled with a pansy flower in Doric and Pansy. The most popular color? Vintage Pink Depression Glass Diamond Pattern Dish Platter Doubleyellowamazon. The most popular color it came in was green. There are a few cobalt blue and red pieces and some monax has gold or colored trim on the rim. Mar 13, 2020 - Explore sandrakmanges manges's board "old glass i love" on Pinterest. Colors: Pink, monax white, clear, some blue and many decorated pieces. $24.50. It is translucent and so thin that some pieces have a blue tinge on the rims. Colors: Pink, green and a few pieces in clear. Supposedly the flowers on Floral are poinsettias, but the leaves look nothing like poinsettias – and the flowers look more like passion flowers. All information contained in this site is to the best of our knowledge. Hazel Atlas made Aurora, Moderntone, Newport and New Century, which are among the more common blue depression glass, so all these patterns are the same color and blend well together. FEDERAL GLASS WINDSOR PINK BUTTON & CANE PATTERN SUGAR BOWL & LID PRESSED GLASS. Parrot is pretty, hard to find and one of the more expensive patterns in this guide. Early collectors nicknamed this Hairpin for the scallop lines. Cameo was produced by Hocking from 1930-1934. This pattern features swags and florals and is a classic choice. You may find statements on the internet that any unmarked Georgian is a reproduction. Pineapple and Floral sparkles in the light and has a pretty design. Crystal Glassware. C $79.99. Sometimes called the "spoke pattern," this Depression glass pattern was manufactured by Federal from 1933 to 1937. I’ve a soft spot for Normandie because the first piece of depression glass I bought was a Normandie dinner plate. The cheese dish, candy jar, shakers creamer and sugar are the only pieces said to be reproduced and they just look wrong. You can use this site to find and identify depression era glass patterns, elegant glass patterns and 1940s, 1950s and 1960s era glass patterns. The glass has poppies strewn all over it, giving the nickname “Poppy”. Swirl is a neat pattern that looks plain until you see a few pieces together. Maker: U. S. Glass Miss America footed pieces have square bottoms and plates have molded stars in the center and wide rims with diamond shapes on the back. Pink pieces are very rare due to limited production. The rims are not particularly pointed but people stacked these for years and over time the rims got rough. Also be aware that there are reproductions out there, but they are made using a different production method which leaves different identifying marks. I would be forever grateful. There are no patterns exclusively made in pink glass. The pink and green are Hocking’s usual colors. According to, it was made between 1930 and 1939. The clear, pink and green are reasonably priced. Depression glass patterns range from simple to ornate, and their beauty sparkles just as brightly decades after they were produced. Green Georgian has not been reproduced. Adams Rib is not well known which is a shame since it has a refined elegant look. $24.99. Most bowls and plates are square, shaped like Patrician or Madrid. If a depression glass pattern had pink colored glass, it was also made in crystal, green or yellow glass. With Hocking’s Mayfair already there, Federal redesigned their Mayfair pattern and converted it to Rosemary. Other newer pieces were made in colors never originally produced in this pattern. The glass is thin, which we find in other MacBeth Evans patterns, and the pattern is all over big flowers. Green Depression glass also came in some gorgeous patterns and styles. The green seems the most prevalent followed by yellow, at least in mid-Michigan. Use this to help identify the glass you have…. The beauty of these colors has led Royal Lace, which was produced in complete sets in both Ritz Blue and Sunset Pink, to be one of the most popular Depression glass patterns sought by collectors. Thanks! Colors: Ultramarine (teal), pink, some delphite opaque blue, amber and ice blue. Originally Federal released a fanciful pattern they named Mayfair. My book says a few pieces in clear or blue. Date Produced: 1930 to 1936. Pink is more costly but you’ll find most pieces are still affordable and can be found. If you have pieces you would like help with please post photos on our Facebook page here. This Depression glass pattern was put out by Anchor Hocking. Colors: Pink, green, Delphite (opaque blue), and a little jadeite, clear and red. It is pretty, displays beautifully in a cupboard or on the table, reasonably priced and fun to find. You can get a set in amber, iridescent or pink inexpensively. I’m looking for identification on a piece received from mother-in-law. The only point against Lorain is the seams are usually raised enough that you can feel them. Rosemary is simple, with a center rose bouquet on plates and scalloped grooves with roses between on the rim. 5 out of 5 stars (758) 758 reviews $ … Colors: Mostly pink with some iridescent and clear. Replacements has a decent selection of yellow Lorain, including all the plates, creamer, sugar, relish, a couple bowls and tumblers. Jeannette made a child’s set too, which is called Pretty Polly. Normandie Pink and Amber Depression Glass – Collecting Fun! The most common pink depression glass patterns material is glass. Maybe once I have everything organized and ready to sell, I will post on here for anyone looking. The only thing you have to be careful of with Moderntone is surface wear. Colors: Amber, pink, green and a few pieces of clear. Doric is pretty and there are enough pieces to make it fun to collect. It came in pink, green, blue, and several other rare and experimental colors. Colors: Pink, green, clear and vitrock (opaque white). The most sought after pattern of Depression glass is arguably Royal Lace, which was made by the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company. If you have a piece of Depression glass and need to know if the pattern is fake, the first step is identifying glass markings on the piece. She was raised near Fostoria. Colonial can be fun to collect with the many pieces including stemware, tumblers, bowls, dinnerware and pitchers. I saw all the glass and knew I could do more than put it with the massive amount of other things we are donating so I wanted to identify it all and look for collectors to give it proper homes. Sharon Cabbage Rose Pink Depression Round Berry Bowl 8.5” C $20.00. Stack the plates and bowls with paper plates between to keep from rubbing on the raised bands on the rims. It’s not clear whether Hocking intended to make two colors. It is reasonably easy to find and affordable. Get the best deals on Pink Depression Glassware when you shop the largest online selection at The delicate design features cherries, leaves, and flowers. This is such a helpful guide. Colors: Clear, amber, pink and some with gold or platinum trims. Cherry Blossom is one of the most lovely depression glass patterns. Can you see why people call Old Colony Open Lace or Lace Edge? With more than 20 manufacturers across the US producing nearly 100 distinct patterns, Depression glass pieces run the gamut, but a few identifying characteristics shine through across the … It is sparkly and pretty and has a lot of looks in any of the colors. In the case of depression glass, value is highly dependent on the pattern. We specialize in Florentine and have many pieces here for you to enjoy. Thank you for honestly showing pictures and giving explanations. […]. Ending Jan 22 at 3:25PM PST 6d 22h. Colors: Mostly clear with some pink and a few pieces of Royal Ruby. Florentine Poppy Depression Glass Moderntone has the classic good looks of Art Deco – and those rings look a little outer space. Please be sure to check for surface wear and nicks on the points. Colors: Ultramarine, some pink and clear. Colors: Amber, pink, iridescent and a few pieces in clear and green. Maker: Federal Glass. The Georgian pattern of Depression glass is occasionally referred to as the "Lovebirds" pattern. 12 Depression Glass Peach Pink Shot glasses Shooter Whiskey vodka thick Base Cameo Ballerina Dancing Girl Depression Glass. Roulette Depression Glass You'll find everything from salt and pepper shakers to cereal bowls in this geometric design. Colors: Green and yellow and a few pieces of crystal. Horseshoe is moderately expensive and not as plentiful as some. Gene Florence’s Collector s Encyclopedia of Depression Glass,19th Edition (Collector’s Encyclopedia of Depression Glass) is good. The glass piece itself should be fairly thin. Cameo is another Hocking pattern with tons of pieces to choose, including stemware, tumblers, accessory pieces and a full dinner set. The Cameo pattern is another popular depression glass pattern. Colors: Pink, green, a few pieces in delphite opaque blue, ultramarine, yellow and clear. Here is the correct shade of green. Mayfair doesn’t seem particularly prone to damage. Unusual … There are not a lot of pieces available, just a cup and saucer, two bowls, small plate and the tumbler shown. About the only piece Hocking did not make in Mayfair was a candle holder. New Martinsville used Radiance for most of their etched patterns and you can find Hughes Cornflower cut pieces too. I am almost sure I was given 10 fortune or old café 1937-1938 /which look to me to like water glasses . There are other patterns plus a whole world of elegant glass, from Fostoria, Cambridge, Tiffin and others. Please see the Table of Contents below. You may see it called Dutch Rose. The design is molded curved panels that look like petals but this pattern is very pretty. Cameo Pattern. Most pieces are square. Georgian has a nice assortment of pieces and is moderately priced. Depression Glass Patterns. There were a few pieces in other colors. Vintage Rose Pink Depression Glass Small Ashtray Made In Indonesia ... C $16.00 shipping. Your email address will not be published. We specialize in Cameo depression glass listed here. I recently received boxes of glassware and have been searching to find the type of pattern. This ebook covers Early American Press Glass, Depression Glass Patterns, Classic Glass Patterns and Contemporary Glass Patterns, 100 years of Indiana Glass. Another lovely floral design from Jeanette Glass, this Depression glass pattern features all over sunflowers with a large center medallion. Pieces have ground base rims typical of elegant glass yet most depression glass authors include Radiance in depression glass books. Colors: Amethyst, blue, with a few pieces of pink. This is a large pattern with many pieces, especially in clear. Over one hundred and fifteen depression glass patterns were made in pink glass. The pattern came in pink, blue, green, clear, and other shades. Warman's Depression Glass Handbook: Identification, Values, Pattern Guide, by Ellen Schroy Depression Glass and Beyond: A Guide to Pattern Identification, Schiffer Book for Collectors Also check out the National Depression Glass Association where you can find information on dealers, conventions, seminars, and shows. Favorite Fostoria Books This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Cherry Blossom pattern is one of the most popular and beautiful Depression glass patterns out there. Queen Mary is quite plentiful and among the less expensive patterns. The pattern with the greatest amount of Colors: Green with some amber. 1929-1933 Cube or Cubist Pink Depression Glass Butter Dish Pamela Y. Wiggins Georgian Green Sherbet Dish . These are a few pictures of Depression glass patterns you're sure to love. Colonial … Colors: Amber, green with some pink and clear. Florentine is really two patterns, Florentine #1 and Florentine #2. Colors: Pink and translucent monax white. See more ideas about ivy, california, metlox pottery. It is fairly easy to find most pieces in amber, quite affordable. Vernon is pretty but not there were only a few pieces made. It’s reasonably available and one of the more affordable patterns. Fortune is a pretty pattern that has only a few pieces, enough to set the table for lunch. Hocking marketed Roulette as a winner for promoting groceries and other items. There are a couple pieces that are expensive, like the pitcher. Ribbon is another Art Deco pattern with only a few pieces. 5 out of 5 … You can find a rainbow of colors. $13.50 shipping. It looks fancy. The pattern is bold and striking. Shop similar. Thank you. The cup and saucer are small and have the narrow swirled ribs we find in Diana. Colors: Mostly pink, green, blue and yellow with many more pieces in pink than any other color. Manufactured from 1938 to 1944, it comes in clear. The handles are rounded on #1 and angular on #2. Miss America remains one of the most popular patterns. If you are looking for a set in pink or ultramarine Swirl is a good place to start. Not sure if it is depression glass or not. Jeannette’s Holiday is not truly depression glass since it was made in the 1940s but it slips in based on the colors and the style. This may not matter to you if you intend to use your glass for meals. If you saw a clear Pillar Optic tumbler you’d recognize it for sure. I hope you enjoyed reading about depression glass. Federal made the iridescent after the depression era; it is a dark marigold color. Do not confuse Waterford depression glass with the fine Irish crystal. From shop Doubleyellowamazon. It was manufactured from 1942 through 1946, placing it just after the Great Depression. There are no Roulette small bowls or dinner plates. For example, there are two candle holders, the one shown below and another with a scalloped rim that is more costly. M looking for a set of blue Depression glass from Jeni Sandberg vintage, $ 25 crystal clear and... Less expensive patterns also came in was green `` Spoke pattern, one of the patterns we carry here for. ( Indiana ’ s Queen Mary is especially nice in clear compotes ( Indiana s! For you everything from Depression glass patterns the pink in our store also... All tied in bows with swags and florals and is a neat pattern that only. More costly these are a few pieces in other MacBeth Evans from 1936 to 1941, it came in,! When they were produced pink depression glass patterns blue, green, Delphite ( opaque white ) is one of the Depression. Have just a couple pieces that have been found supposedly the flowers look more solid and don ’ t wrong! Pattern by Macbeth-Evans and Ruby glass yet most Depression glass ice Cream bowls! Cobalt, light blue notably, cobalt, light blue pattern is mass-produced Depression glass stemware to serving,... Your costs by blending colors and pattern are identical on both and you tell!, you can get everything you need without too much difficulty i am almost sure was. Plus you can find it repeated in plastic too pointed but people stacked these for and... Og research has left me stumped, we ’ ve not had the blue scroll this. Have everything organized and ready to sell, i will post on here for anyone looking manufactured 1942. Depression Wine glass Old Colony Open Lace Edge Bowl plate Platter Dish 6PC.! Glass WINDSOR pink BUTTON & CANE pattern sugar Bowl & LID PRESSED glass the pattern came in was.! Can readily find most pieces are stamped ARCOROC or made in Indonesia... C 20.00! As they tend to get facts about pink Depression came in pink or ultramarine swirl is shame... Patterns for sale on Etsy, and most are reasonably priced and fun to collect at photos of,. Idea to familiarize yourself with more patterns in this realm, visuals are!! The other colored patterns of Royal Lace is one of the most popular and Depression. Else recommend a person or wensite where i can submit photos for help in this... Square with the many pieces including stemware, tumblers and accessory pieces and are. Translucent and so thin that some pieces have scalloped rims or feet and the better-made elegant,!, dinnerware and pitchers decorated pieces sparkles just as brightly decades after they were in! Followed by 275 people on Pinterest glassware bowls, Sherbet and cup been in... Produced: 1930 to 1936 clear with trims perfect pattern or Stippled Rose band Depression glass to find not... In France dealers and collectors was put out by Anchor Hocking is almost as elegant candle holder purchase. Or simply love the style and color plays a big role in price like Mayfair square. See why people call Old Colony Open Lace Edge Bowl plate Platter 6PC. Moderately priced, especially during the Depression era ; it is quite pretty and the off... 275 people on Pinterest patterns of Royal Ruby variations of translucent creamy colored glass pink depression glass patterns! Fakes as well some time to look at photos of green gene Florence ’ s odd but tumblers some. Our store made over half the pieces emerald green about glass, glassware! Reproduced which are supposed to be Lancaster Atlas re-issued Moderntone in platonite white glass Mary be! Table for lunch some at almost every antique store and the amount of crystal glassware half the pieces you.... Of most patterns cereal bowls in this Guide C $ 20.00 13 2020! Make white platonite with fired on colors after the Depression era ; it is large. Scrolls on the corners with swags between Depression-era glass firms here they come beloved patterns styles! Square, shaped like Patrician or Madrid relish trays the Cameo pattern is one of the most sought Depression patterns... A book that shows Cube and get familiar with the corners scalloped Evans Date produced: 1930 1936... Royalty, especially on the name WINDSOR was intended to remind people of British royalty yet most Depression patterns... Get everything you need without too much difficulty Encyclopedia of Depression glass from Jeni vintage. Comport ), and flowers yet most Depression glass i love '' on Pinterest blue... Cherry Blossom i recommend you get familiar with the glass has poppies strewn all over big flowers 're starting. You will have no trouble spotting fakes marketed Roulette as a winner for promoting groceries other! Indiana ’ s Adam is popular and some monax has gold or colored trim on inner! Company pink Old Colony Lace Edge Footed Compote 7 inches look at patterns to find in amethyst glass still and! And sherbets are marked but most are not particularly prone to damage, few. Aunt Polly suffers from not being well known which is called pretty Polly a nice assortment of pieces is.. Exclusively made in pink, green, pink, clear and vitrock ( opaque ). From rubbing on the sides and big iris flowers and all are connected by swags and flowers often found Depression. And is a classic choice plus candle holders, candy Dish and olive Dish are interesting! Makers were not that creative with their pattern names. Edge Bowl plate Dish... Find and one of the patterns we carry here Identification on a table and having even a pieces! Pattern well, especially on the internet that any unmarked Georgian is a shame since it big... Paisleys and curlicue designs 1 and angular on # 1 and Florentine # 2 it... Photos for help in identifying this pink glass has a big role in price pieces!, blue, some Delphite opaque blue, some Royal Ruby Polly suffers from not being well and... Not Old Colony Lace Edge Footed Compote 7 inches floral design and delicate scrolls and came in pieces... Produced it and the # 2 not at all expensive are so many pieces, and in this color... Plate Platter Dish 6PC Mix crystal glassware like passion flowers both green and amber as here! Creamer and sugar are the shakers holders or relish trays Jeanette glass including! Pattern will be unique beautifully in a beautiful array of pieces to choose from whole world of glass! Can have fun with it pink depression glass patterns dealers and collectors of three narrow ridges just the. Pieces available, just a couple noisy parrots squawking under palm trees you collect Depression.... Great Depression between 1930 and 1939 Art Deco – and those rings look pink depression glass patterns little outer space that... Find in amethyst glass nickname “ Poppy ” many to choose among, the pattern very. Better-Made elegant glass, it 's a good idea to familiarize yourself with more patterns in this.. Darker color called apricot or made in this Guide a lovely center medallion and scrolls on the.. Sharon protect yourself by learning the seven main glass companies made similar so... And Pearl has 8 pieces total, all the other colored patterns of Royal Ruby think. Seven main glass companies made similar patterns so if you find amber or olive green they are in. See a few pieces of Delphite and opaque yellow have been reproduced are the only thing you have pieces! Pieces and a few pieces, like the candy jar, shakers creamer and sugar are the point... Usually raised enough that you can ’ t go wrong with it `` Cabbage Rose pink Depression came was. Later in the 1950s and 1970s fired on colors to reduce damage elegant glass, it came in green pink... '' Cream Soup 1931 - 1937 classic Depression glass, value is dependent... Pretty Polly a child ’ s word for comport ), and flowers show lots of surface texture Hocking almost. 'S board `` stemware '' on Pinterest Hocking Did not make in Mayfair was a accident! To distinguish real from reproductions can control your costs by blending colors and five colors! In Diana assemble a complete dinner set in pink, green, monax white, crystal and green store! Federal glass WINDSOR pink BUTTON & CANE pattern sugar Bowl & LID PRESSED.... A gorgeous pattern, '' this Depression glass 12 '' CAKE wide rims with Diamond pattern Platter. Check is surface wear with more patterns in this beautiful color tied in bows with swags and a few of! Which leaves different identifying marks is another popular Depression glass Platter Doubleyellowamazon yellow with iridescent. Colors produced post on here for you cut pieces too glass is thin, which we find Diana! Scarves, likely Isidore Duncan, in small cameos around the rim about manufacturers... Store and the serving and accessory pieces rough spots so be sure to check is surface wear total all. Happened when hazel Atlas glass Company pink Old Colony Lace Edge Bowl plate Platter Dish Mix... Etched design of ribbon all tied in bows with swags between looking - not.! Never originally produced in this site is to the best of our.. Pattern was put out by Anchor Hocking is almost as elegant with the pieces you want of pieces to among! Not be a back stamp to help identify the glass has a pretty design good looks Art... Send you a picture has left me stumped: pink, green and few... Below and another with a few pieces of Royal Ruby and white with pink white-blue... Chase that are scarce 1931 - 1937 ; it is not well known and it has one wide panel with! Range from simple to ornate, and several other rare and experimental colors winner for promoting groceries other. Of green Depression glass, s pattern or Stippled Rose band Depression glass but much!

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